ShePhone For Women Comes with a Condom Dispenser

ShePhone For Women Comes with a Condom Dispenser


Ask any woman what she would like to see in a cell phone and obviously the first and last request would be a condom dispenser. At least that’s what Mia Kim from Popgadget came up with when she was asked by Marie Claire magazine to develop the ultimate cell phone for women. But wait, there’s more than condoms in here!

Other funky functionality that you’ll find in the iPhone-looking cell phone includes things like pill storage, a vibrator (yes, you read that correctly), a corkscrew, an atomizer for perfume, and a home pregnancy test. Nothing quite like being paranoid about having a bun in the oven than taking the pill, wrapping it in a rubber, getting yourself off with a shaking bunny, and then checking the results by peeing on your phone. Great idea Mia!

I’m thinking that Mia Kim is little out of touch with reality. Then again, I know nothing about women.