Jam Cell Phone Signals with Palm Sized Device

Jam Cell Phone Signals with Palm Sized Device


I was watching Eastern Promises last night and right when things were getting exciting — Viggo Mortensen was about to kick some butt — the cell phone of some idiot in the theatre went off, completely ruining the experience. And it was that bloody Crazy Frog ringtone too. Turn your phones off while at the movies people!

If I had the Brando Portable Palm Phone Jammer with me last night, I wouldn’t have had to sit through that insufferable ringtone from the moviegoer. The handheld device looks like a nondescript black box, but it can block all four bands of GSM reception. If the person was on Telus or Bell, I’d be out of luck anyways.

That said, cell phone signal jamming may not exactly be legal. According to FCC regulations, the jamming of cellular and radio frequencies can only be done by federal agencies. Shucks. If you want to ride on the wild side still, the Brando jammer sells for $166.