GPS Projectiles Just Like In The Movies!

GPS Projectiles Just Like In The Movies!


You know the cops in Hollywood films seem to have GPS tags that they can stick onto the cars of bad guys, tracking their every move? It seems like the real life cops in Hollywood are about to deploy the same technology. That’s right, real life is mirroring art and not the other way around.

LAPD is set to launch what they call the StarChase Pursuit Management System. In a nutshell, a device is mounted to the front of a police cruiser. When the crook starts taking off through a mountain pass and the LAPD can’t keep up, they use a laser target to take aim and launch a GPS projectile onto the bad-mobile. What attaches is a small GPS device, battery, and a cellular radio.

This would aid in reducing the number of high speed chases and thus, the number of innocent bystanders getting run over and/or hurt. For more on how the system works, check out the official StarChase website. There’s a video demo there.