Don’t Play Halo 3, Live It With a Real Warthog

Don’t Play Halo 3, Live It With a Real Warthog


I know. You were probably pretty disappointed when you were lining up at midnight the other day, anxious to get your hands on the Halo 3 Legendary Edition. Sure, the new first person shooter on the Xbox 360 is pretty hot and all the cool kids are playing it online with your friends, but it was that Master Chief helmet that captivated your interest. And then you found out that you couldn’t wear it.

If you’re a real Halo fan, you don’t want to only play the game with a themed Xbox 360 controller. You want to recreate it in real life and now you can with a life-sized Halo Warthog vehicle. Created by the team at WETA, the working Warthog even has a replica machine gun mounted out back for when you want to go hunting for some nasty bad guys.

Play safe out there! This thing doesn’t shoot blanks.