Toyota-Subaru Sports Car Based on Legacy Platform

Toyota-Subaru Sports Car Based on Legacy Platform


While they are normally competing against one another for market share, Toyota and Subaru have apparently teamed up to produce a lightweight sports car and we’ve got the inside scoop. Many people are anxious to know what platform will serve as the underpinnings for this sporty coupe and now we know.

The mule that was taken out for a spin on Toyota’s test track was “built off a shortened [by about 200mm] Subaru Legacy chassis and powered by the firm’s SOHC two-liter flat-four.” As you can tell, it seems that most of the car is coming from the Subaru side of things, but based on the image provided, Toyota badging seems more likely (unless both firms will be offering their own versions).

We’re hearing that although the current prototype is running atop the Legacy chassis, it’s more likely that the final version will be based on the Impreza 15S platform. The chassis was originally designed for AWD, but it can easily be modified to fit a RWD drivetrain. As it stands, “the test car is running the all-wheel driveline with the front drive shafts removed.”

The engine — Subaru’s 108hp 1.5-liter boxer (EL15) — isn’t exactly thrilling, but given the lightweight nature of the vehicle (around 1,100 kg), pundits are calling this a spiritual successor to the legendary AE86 Trueno. Better still, the rumor has the debut set for 2008, with sales commencing shortly afterwards.