Sanyo Infobar 2 Phone Looks Like a Cardboard Cutout

Sanyo Infobar 2 Phone Looks Like a Cardboard Cutout


Remember before the iPhone officially hit the market, people made those cardboard cutout versions so that they could get a good sense of its size and girth? The promotional pictures for the Sanyo Infobar 2 make me think of those, because the surface is remarkably flat, the keys don’t protrude whatsoever, and the edges are so rounded off.

Following up on the first Sanyo Infobar that not very many people cared about, the Sanyo Infobar 2 is being marketed as a fashion phone, getting shipping in a lime green, red-and-white, white-and-gray, and silver variants. It’s quite the long candybar phone with a very large 2.6-inch organic EL display. The resolution is a strange 240×400, making for quite the weird aspect ratio.

Perhaps one of the coolest features is that the Sanyo Infobar 2 is the first One Seg TV-capable phone to have an internal antenna.