Nokia N95 Welcomes Sling Player with Open Arms

Nokia N95 Welcomes Sling Player with Open Arms


Before the Nokia N95 was officially launched, I thought the dual-slide design was pretty nifty and I thought it would be great to enjoy some mobile video on the go in landscape mode. And then, at launch, we discovered that this powerful smartphone was not compatible with Sling Player. For shame! Well, no longer. We will no longer feel left out in the Sling-less cold.

A version of Sling Player is now available for all Series60 devices, including the very powerful Nokia N95 smartphone. Feel free to enjoy your television anywhere you go, connecting through the N95’s beautiful HSDPA connection. Most commands are access through a standard set of menus, and it is also there that you would go about setting your favorite channels. You cannot use your transport keys for the N95 video player, however.

Nokia N95 owners. Feel free to let it all sling out.