Lock Prevents Rogue USB Devices From Connecting

Lock Prevents Rogue USB Devices From Connecting


I guess corporations are pretty scared about people stealing data from their computers. They could go with a software-based solution, but why do that when there’s a physical lock available. The USB Security Lock is brilliant in its simplicity. In a nutshell, it places a USB segment into any available port, making it impossible to shove any USB device into that port.

Naturally, the way that you remove that little USB chunk is to insert the appropriate “key” that can grab that segment and take it out. The stub, of course, does nothing other than fill up some space, so I’d imagine that a persistent person could probably dig it out with a flathead screwdriver or something. But that’s the kind of security you receive for this price.

After all, the USB Security Lock retails for a mere ten bucks from Think Geek.