Spy Camera The Same Size as a Pack of Gum

Spy Camera The Same Size as a Pack of Gum


And so the incredible shrinking gadgetry game continues. Although you may be inclined to use this digital camcorder for your James Bond-like moments, I have a feeling that it’s the voyeurs who will be clamoring all over this device.

This Micro-Camcorder is about the same size as a pack of DoubleMint gum, as you can see, making it very easy to hide in your pocket or wherever else you like to place your gum. Better still, you can hide the camcorder inside the wrapper of your gum to go completely covert. The 3GP video it records is at 15fps and it’s done through an internal pinhole camera. A single 1GB microSD memory card is enough room for up to 33 hours of video.

The Micro-Camcorder retails for $295.