Sony CompactFlash Cards Get Hopped Up to 300X

Sony CompactFlash Cards Get Hopped Up to 300X


In order to meet the demands of professional DSLR photographers (and enthusiastic amateurs), Sony has unleashed a line of 300x CompactFlash cards. These cards are considerably faster than their predecessors which only boasted speed ratings of 66x and 133x. As the megapixel count continues to rise and more people stick to RAW format pictures, individual file sizes have increased dramatically. You don’t want to miss a shot just because your camera is taking forever to store the previous picture.

The new Sony CompactFlash cards will be branded as part of Sony’s Alpha DSLR camera system, reminding us that these are indeed top-of-the-line material. This ensures speed while taking pictures as well as expedient transfers (45MB/s) to your computer for post-editing (and sharing). The high-speed cards will be available in 2GB, 4GB, and 8GB flavors, with the last providing enough room for 2,000 JPEG photos shot in 12 Megapixel resolution. Even if you hop it up to RAW, the 8-gigger still has enough room for “more than 313 digital photos.”

No word on pricing, but the Sony CompactFlash 300x cards will start shipping next month.