Psychro-ray is a Solar-Powered Air Conditioner

Psychro-ray is a Solar-Powered Air Conditioner


I realize that summer is basically over and your concerns about getting a car with air conditioning have been replaced with getting a car with heated side mirrors. In some parts of the world, however, it’s still pretty freaking hot. It’s known that leaving your car’s air conditioner on can reduce your fuel economy, but the Psychro-ray by Chun-Yen Tsao captures the power of the sun to keep you cool.

The hole-y device apparently fits on your car window somehow, soaking in the sun’s rays and sending a nice, cool draft into the car to help you stay comfortable. The device is equipped with several sensors that detect if it’s getting too hot, activating its cooling fans when it reaches a certain threshold. In addition to cooling, the Psychro-ray also boasts an air purifier and an electrostatic dust collector.

Yeah, I know it looks weird, but the concept certainly sounds interesting.