MicroDot Square Audio Recorder Fits On Your Finger

MicroDot Square Audio Recorder Fits On Your Finger


Continuing with today’s apparent theme of really small and very thin devices comes a gadget that is barely bigger than your fingertip. Marketed as the world’s smallest voice activated digital recorder, the MicroDot Audio Recorder has a footprint smaller than a domino tile and is only about twice as thick. Based on these dimensions, it’s quite possible that it’s the world’s smallest digital recorder of any kind.

The internal memory is pretty anemic at just 128 megabytes, but the company says that this is enough for up to 18 hours of recording. The USB rechargeable battery will last up to 60 hours in record mode, but you’ll probably run out of storage capacity before the battery gives out. What’s more, each recording you make receives a date and time stamp. This way, when you get back to your computer, you’ll know exactly when each audio clip was made. You can even schedule a future recording and it’ll do its thing automatically. Talk about creepy stalker material!

All the itty-bittiness of this device, as you’d probably expect, comes with a price tag that isn’t exactly tiny. The MicroDot Squared Audio Recorder retails for $480.