A Music Player Thinner Than an iPod? Could it Be?

A Music Player Thinner Than an iPod? Could it Be?


Indeed, it can be, but the ultra slimness is about the only thing going for the USB Flash Card Player. Boasting a mere 4.5mm profile, this amazingly thin wonder comes with 2GB of internal memory and fully supports both MP3 and WMA files. Unlike the iPod, however, it can also double as a USB Flash memory drive in a pinch.

The footprint is a touch smaller than the iPod as well with measurements of 85.5mm by 54mm. In many ways, this is about as close to a credit card-sized player as you’re going to get. On the downside, there doesn’t appear to be a display and, from what I can gather, the controls are fairly minimal as well. You’ve got play/pause, rewind, and fast forward. There’s also a button labeled as “R”, possibly for random?

Outside of its thinness, another big selling point for the USB Flash Card Player — available through Brando — is its tiny $42 price tag.