Suzuki To Challenge Subaru WRX With Rally-Inspired Model

Suzuki To Challenge Subaru WRX With Rally-Inspired Model


Around these parts, when you think about rally-inspired street cars, the first name that probably comes to mind is the Subaru WRX. Some people prefer the Mitsubishi Evo, but very few would even consider a Suzuki in that respect. The Japanese automaker wants that to change.

Suzuki is reportedly working on a World Rally Championship edition of its SX4 sedan in order to compete against the Subaru WRX. The version that will actually participate in the dirt-filled races is said to receive a 320 horsepower engine. The street legal version, as expected, will be dialed down considerably, getting a powerplant that develops about 215hp. Other upgrades from the garden variety SX4 include larger brakes, sportier suspension, and an aggressive body kit.

No confirmation has come from Suzuki, but it sounds like it’s a good time to be a rally enthusiast.