Sony VAIO L Series Tops Out at 22 Inches

Sony VAIO L Series Tops Out at 22 Inches


Forget about ultra compact laptops. Sony is telling you to go big or get out with their latest line of notebooks, the VAIO L Series. Available in three different sizes, the new Sony VAIO computers come in a variety of configurations and colors.

For graphics, you can cheap out and get integrated graphics from Intel or you can opt for something more beefy like an NVIDIA GeForce 8400 GT card. Most will come equipped with Intel Core 2 Duo processors along with hard drives of varying capacities. As you can tell from the photos, color choices should be plentiful as well, including a pink option for girly girls.

The Sony VAIO L Series is set to ship in 15.4-, 19-, and 22-inch flavors. Lugging the 22-incher to the coffee shop might be a bit of a challenge.