PolyFuel Methanol Fuel Cell Is Densest Ever

PolyFuel Methanol Fuel Cell Is Densest Ever


I have a friend who has adopted the nickname of DenseCow. This is because, well, he’s a pretty dense guy and apparently proud of it. Today, we’re talking about a wholly different kind of density. It’s the good kind that’ll help power all sorts of fun gadgetry and machinery in the future.

PolyFuel has announced the best ever power density for portable methanol fuel cell stacks. They say that this new DMFC (direct methanol fuel cell) stack delivers 56 watts of juice, more than twice that required from a typical laptop. The next result is an unprecedented density of 500 watts per liter. The stack fits in the palm of your hand.

According to PolyFuel, fuel cells can be thought of as refillable batteries. When depleted, all you need to do is “pop in” a replacement cartridge of methanol fuel and you’re up and running again. No need to wait for that charge to complete.