T-Mobile Kiosk Proclaims “We Unlock iPhones!”

T-Mobile Kiosk Proclaims “We Unlock iPhones!”


Well, that whole exclusivity deal with AT&T seems to have gone out the window, because a T-Mobile authorized reseller has proudly proclaimed that they unlock iPhones, encouraging you to get wrapped up in the pinkness that is T-Mo.

This isn’t a company-owned T-Mobile store, but it’s the next best thing. For the average consumer, there really is no difference, so what this means it that you can walk straight from the Apple Store to this T-Mobile authorized reseller. They’ll unlock the iPhone so that it’ll work with T-Mo, signing you up to some lucrative contract. I wonder if they’d let you pick a Sidekick plan. And will it work with [email protected]?

In any case, this sign was on display at a store in the Fashion Island Apple Store in Newport Beach, California. What’s more, the T-Mobile store was selling iPhone accessories too.