Unlimited Wireless Data in Canada! Thanks Bell!

Unlimited Wireless Data in Canada! Thanks Bell!


Bless you, Frank and Gordon. The crazy beavers at Bell have finally come around to offer Canadians unlimited wireless data. Upload, download, and stream those videos without having to watch your megabytes. Contrast this to the normally extraordinarily high rates for wireless data in Canada and you’ll start to appreciate just how fantastic this news is.

Of course, this isn’t the first time that unlimited wireless data has been offered in Canada. Years ago, the Hiptop from Fido (known as the Sidekick south of the 49th parallel) came with an option for unlimited data, but that pooch has long since ditched that option.

It’s not all good news, unfortunately. While Canadians can now enjoy unlimited wireless data through Bell Mobility, they won’t be able to do it on their cell phones. Instead, the plan is restricted to PC Data card users only. The only major downside is that unlimited data costs $75 a month… but that’s still cheaper than the $100 one-gigabyte plan that it replaces.