Nokia Working On Mobile Multiplayer Games With G-Mode

Nokia Working On Mobile Multiplayer Games With G-Mode


I guess the whole N-Gage thing at Nokia isn’t just a one-off proposition. The world’s biggest cell phone maker is getting pretty serious about getting us to play games on their handsets, so much so that they’ve partnered up with G-Mode to create more mobile multiplayer games. Yes, multiplayer.

Up until now, most games played on mobile phones have been individualized experiences. The only opponents you would face would be computer controlled. Contrast this to things like World of Warcraft and Xbox Live where real people interact with other real people and you can see where the mobile world is falling behind. This partnership aims to fill that void.

The first title, as announced at the Tokyo Game Show, being produced by G-mode for the Nokia SNAP Mobile platform is Chess a Moment. It is an online, turn-based chess game wherein players can play up to eight games simultaneously, taking as much as 30 hours to perform their next move. Yes, it’s not exactly exciting, but it’s certainly moving in the right direction.

Chess a Moment will be distributed by Nokia and will be available for download through global operators.