Video: Linux Spotted Running on BenQ UMPC

Video: Linux Spotted Running on BenQ UMPC


The rep in the video calls the shiny blue wonder a mobile Internet device, but we all know that it’s really just another UMPC. But there’s something very special going on with this unnamed BenQ mobile device, because it’s running on Linux. And the interface, with the colorful icons and such, bears a striking resemblance to a certain glossy handset from Cupertino. Or is it just me?

In any case, you can watch the video below and listen to the Consumer Marketing Manager from Intel’s Ultra Mobility group (I’m not even going to try to type out his name) as you shows off the blue BenQ UMPC and its slick sliding user interface. He calls it a sneak peek into what is going to be shown off at IDF this week.

I guess Intel is really starting to spread its operating system wings. They’ve been backing Windows for ages and they hopped onto the Apple bandwagon some time back. And now it seems like they’re showing love to the penguin too.