Ten New Infiniti Vehicles To Launch By 2010

Ten New Infiniti Vehicles To Launch By 2010


Carlos Tavares, Nissan Motor Company’s global product chief, recently stated in an interview that the company plans on bringing 10 new Infiniti vehicles to market by the end of the decade. The company is apparently working hard to push its Infiniti brand into the luxury segment, which is currently being occupied by the likes of Mercedes, BMW, and Lexus.

According to Tavares, Infiniti has “big plans” for these next three years and they will be aggressively marketing the new models. They also hope to expand the Infiniti brand to 90 percent of the luxury markets around the world, spreading the circular emblem to South Korea, Russia, and Europe.

The nature of these ten models remains up in the air, but Tavares did hint at more crossovers, a “sports-oriented” car, and some sort of flagship vehicle.