MacBook Receives Shimura Full Metal Jacket

MacBook Receives Shimura Full Metal Jacket


I always thought that half the reason people wanted Apple products in the first place was to flaunt them in front of their non-Apple friends, showing off just how pretty that iPod, iPhone, or iMac is in comparison to the Zune, Treo, or custom-made PC. Apparently, I was wrong, because the MacBook just got tougher with a case that almost completely hides the laptop’s identity.

The Shimura Metal Jacket for the MacBook protects the glossy notebook from every angle in full metal. The only semi-exposed portion is the Apple logo, which gets a venetian blind treatment similar to the sunglasses that Kanye West wears in his “Stronger” music video. (Kanye > 50 Cent, by the way.)

From what I can gather, the metal jacket here is made of lightweight aluminum, so it’s not like you’ll be hauling a brick around. It’s also notable that there’s a handle protruding out the top, fundamentally providing for a barebones traveling case as well. No word on price.