Holographic Glass Screen On Sony VAIO Zoom Laptop

Holographic Glass Screen On Sony VAIO Zoom Laptop


It doesn’t get much thinner than non-existent and that’s exactly what’s going on with the holographic display on the Sony VAIO Zoom notebook concept. Instead of having a conventional screen, the image of your desktop gets projected onto a clear pane of glass. I wonder what the refresh rate would be like.

But wait, there’s more. Even the keyboard is very unique in that it doesn’t have any physical buttons either. Instead, you get a glossy black pane that lights up with touch-sensitive controls. When not in use, these virtual keys disappear to provide an ultra minimalist appearance. The idea of “touch typist” just took on a whole new meaning.

Unfortunately, the VAIO Zoom is just some designer’s wet dream at this point, because I seriously doubt we have viable technology for this kind of application just yet.