Hasselblad H3D II DSLR Really Pushes the Limit

Hasselblad H3D II DSLR Really Pushes the Limit


Hasselblad is known for creating some monstrous cameras, ones that can produce prints large enough for billboards. It’s crazy and it puts our little consumer-level point-and-shoot cameras to shame. And then, Hasselblad goes even further, stomping on our hopes and dreams with all those megapixels and RAW image quality.

The Hasselblad H3D II digital SLR improves on its predecessor in several ways while maintaining the same behemoth of an image sensor, capturing pictures at 39 megapixels of ultra high resolution goodness. The image sensor, if you’ll believe it, measures 28 x 36mm. But that’s what’s the same.

What’s new is a large 3-inch preview LCD, a top-line RAW converter, a heatsink attached to the CCD to lower system temperature and reduce noise, and an integrated GPS receiver for geotagging your gigantic digital pictures. 5412 x 7212 pixel gigantic, by the way. The price, at $37k for just the body, is pretty gigantic too.