AutoSync Your iPhone, Never Be Out of Date

AutoSync Your iPhone, Never Be Out of Date


Some people like to do everything manually, because it gives them a greater sense of control. Others want it all to be automatic, so that they have a completely hands-off approach and not worry about it. This latest application is clearly targeted at the latter. iPhone Autosync is a program that will automatically run the synchronization process any time you change information on your Mac.

Updated that appointment book? Put in your buddy’s new phone number? Now, you don’t have to remember to sync your iPhone, because iPhone AutoSync will do it for you. Previously, your calendar and contacts were only updated when you did a sync through iTunes. With AutoSync, it’ll automatically detect any changes to Address Book, iCal, and Safari and sync accordingly.

A demo of iPhone AutoSync is available now. The full version retails for $9.95.