Throw Away This Camera To Take Great Panaromic Shots

Throw Away This Camera To Take Great Panaromic Shots


The Triops is one of the strangest digital cameras I’ve seen in quite some time, because the designers encourage you to throw it around. This is because the Triops boasts three protected fisheye lenses and when you give it a toss, it can simultaneously take three photos, stitching them together into a wonderful action-packed panaroma.

They say that this picture-taking system “allows for an active, spontaneous and playful photography experience.” The panoramic picture that results is said to be a full 360 degrees, offering you some great perspective that you probably couldn’t have taken otherwise. What’s more, the pictures can be sent wirelessly to a separate digital picture frame on the fly (no pun intended).

I just hope that the shutter speed is up to snuff, because otherwise you’ll just end up with three very blurry pictures every time you give it a throw. It’s still a concept, so they’ve got time to work out the kinks.