Sony Ericsson Konan Phone Is Suprisingly Serene

Sony Ericsson Konan Phone Is Suprisingly Serene


You know, with a name like Konan, you would think that this concept phone would be big, muscular, and absolutely foreboding. In truth, it seems to boast the exact opposite qualities. The Sony Ericsson Konan concept phone is said to even carry a marketing tagline that reads: Beauty Renaissance 2.0. Because it’s so pretty, you see.

At this point, it’s still just a very stunning rumor, but based on these renderings, I can see how they’ll be able to appeal to the most fashionable of mobile phone owners. The soft top cover has a certain elegance to it, and the Walkman-like hidden display is pretty nifty too. The actual specs have not been released, so we’re left guessing where the camera is, whether it’ll have a music player, and so forth.

And no, this phone has nothing to do with Conan the Barbarian, Conan O’Brien, or professional wrestler Konnan.