Medal of Honor Airborne Deployed Onto Cell Phones

Medal of Honor Airborne Deployed Onto Cell Phones


I’ve always enjoyed the Medal of Honor video games by EA. The action was always intense and the strategy plentiful, yet it was ridiculously difficult like some of the other army-themed first person shooters out there. I have a feeling things just got either a whole lot easier or a whole lot harder.

Electronic Arts has announced that Medal of Honor Airborne is now available for play on mobile phones. You take on the role of Boyd Travers, a soldier in the 82th Airbone division and it’s up to you to fight your way through eight levels of intense World War II combat. Revisit epic battles like D-Day.

Obviously, the controls won’t be nearly as complicated as its PC and console equivalents, but Medal of Honor Airborne for cell phones is supposed to still offer a fair bit of functionality. Throwing grenades, using a flare tool, and strafing your way to greatness are all available.

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