Load Times Compared: PSP Slim Destroys Predecessor

Load Times Compared: PSP Slim Destroys Predecessor


Sony promised us a lot of things with the slightly reworked PSP Slim. They told us that it would be lighter. They said the screen would be brighter. And Sony also said that the PSP Slim would significantly reduce loading times in games, so here’s a side-by-side video comparison to see if they delivered.

Well, as you can see, the difference between the old PSP (on the left) and the revitalized PSP Slim (on the right) is very substantial. Depicted in the video is Final Fantasy Crisis Core, and the PSP Slim seems to load the next stage almost instantly, whereas the aging PSP Phat took a solid 7 or 8 seconds.

Obviously, this is just within one game, but we suspect that a similar differential will be found in other titles as well.