Budget-Minded Sagem my150x Slim Candybar

Budget-Minded Sagem my150x Slim Candybar


Even though the Sagem my150x cell phone is supposed to be an economical calling solution, the company is marketing it as “a little gem with finesse and design.” It’s utterly basic, but they’re hoping that this 10mm thick handset will capture the interest of retro fans.

According to the press materials, the Sagem my150x features a user interface that will remind you of an old school “classic” Casio watch. Critical features include a 1.8-inch screen, stylized icons, SMS, dual-band connectivity, and polyphonic ringtones.

Yeah, pretty barebones. There’s no mention of Bluetooth, a camera, or even whether the display is full color. Instead, it talks about a blue-tinted light and how information is displayed “in blue on a black background for a guaranteed design effect.”