Samsung SGH-G800 Cell Phone With 3x Optical Zoom

Samsung SGH-G800 Cell Phone With 3x Optical Zoom


The very concept of a camera phone has just taken a giant leap forward, because the SGH-G800 from Samsung boasts a camera with 3x optical zoom. Most other camera phones lack any sort of optical zoom altogether, relying instead on that stupid digital zoom that really does nothing but create a pixelated mess.

By contrast, as you can see from this somewhat blurry spy shot, the Samsung SGH-G800 has quite a powerful camera to go along with its wireless communications-minded functionality. Accompanying the 3x optical zoom are a xenon flash module, sliding lens cover, and 5.0 megapixel image sensor. Other features include HSDPA, microSDHC, and Bluetooth.

A more complete preview of the G800 can be found at Lets Go Mobile.