Portable GPS Makers Set to Create Mobile Phones Too?

Portable GPS Makers Set to Create Mobile Phones Too?


Cell phone manufacturers have stepped on quite a few toes by spreading their wings. Cell phones are capable of taking pictures, surfing the web, and even navigating you through unfamiliar territory. Well, GPS makers just aren’t going to take it anymore. Both TomTom and Garmin are reportedly working on mobile phones of their own, expanding their portfolios into whole new territory.

Very few details have been made available because this is definitely in the rumor stage of things. The Boy Genius is predicting that a TomTom or Garmin-branded handset would likely be manufactured by a third party like HTC, but the software would be developed in house.

Another minor detail that has yet to be worked out is whether TomTom and Garmin will be working independently on their own handsets or if the two firms are actually partnering up for this venture. Stay tuned, ’cause this sounds interesting.