The Biggest Working Nintendo DS I’ve Ever Seen

The Biggest Working Nintendo DS I’ve Ever Seen


I love my DS Lite. I just can’t get enough of that wonderful Tetris and Mario Kart action, especially online with fellow Nintendo enthusiasts. One gripe about the portable gaming machine, however, is that the screens are quite small, making for a serious eyesore after a while. Luckily, someone has come up with a rather gigantic solution.

A modder has decided to link up his Nintendo DS to two full-sized Tablet PCs, effectively constructing what could be the world’s biggest Nintendo DS. Yes, you can play right on those giant touchscreen displays, but you’ll still need to turn to the handheld in order to do any actual button mashing. As such, you’ll be stuck with touchscreen-only games like Meteos and Magnetica if you want to enjoy this mod to the fullest.

The entire modification process has been documented through a series of photos. Wow.