Rogers Wireless: No iPhone For Canadians Just Yet

Rogers Wireless: No iPhone For Canadians Just Yet


Sucks. While I’m not overly excited about the iPhone, per se, it just sucks that poor Canadians like myself can’t get in on the multi-touching action of Apple’s first cell phone. There were rumors that Rogers Wireless would be picking up the popular handset, launching it as early as this November. Apparently, plans have changed.

Rogers Wireless says that it would “love” to the sell the iPhone, but Canadians may be in for quite the lengthy wait. Apple hasn’t set a release date for Canada yet, but Rogers COO Nadir Mohamed notes that the iPhone will probably sell in Europe before it sells in Canada. Industry analyst Neeraj Monga agrees, saying that Europe is a much larger market than Canada, and thus our maple leaf-touting country isn’t “on their [Apple’s] radar screens right now.”

At this time, there are no “current discussions” between Apple and Rogers Communications. Probably one of the biggest stumbling blocks as the price of wireless data in Canada, and Apple wants an unlimited plan for its iPhone.