Motorola Q Confirmed For AT&T

Motorola Q Confirmed For AT&T


I’m not really sure if this is even one of those better late than never scenarios, but whatever your take on the matter is, AT&T has confirmed that they will be picking up the Motorola Q. More specifically, it seems that they’re getting the mildly upgrade Motorola Q9h, getting the bump up to Windows Mobile 6 along with a slightly redesigned QWERTY keyboard.

Other niceties that you’ll find buried under the hood of this slim smartphone include things like 3G data (take that iPhone), integrated GPS, quad-band GSM, BlackBerry Connect, Push Email, and XPress Mail. Not exactly groundbreaking stuff, but a definite step up from the RAZR, that’s for sure.

So, AT&T has the iPhone for the trendy and the Q9h for the “that’s so last year”?