Motorola Dumps Qualcomm, Texas Instruments Giggles Silently

Motorola Dumps Qualcomm, Texas Instruments Giggles Silently


“It’s not you, it’s me. OK, it’s you.” That seems to be the sentiment behind the latest move by Motorola, breaking off their relationship with Qualcomm. The RAZR-maker has announced that it will no longer purchase 3G chips from Qualcomm, turning to Freescale Semiconductor and Texas Instruments instead.

While specifics of the breakup have not been released — sounds like a Hollywood gossip column, doesn’t it? — it is said that Motorola is citing business reasons rather than engineering reasons. “We’re just not right for each other” or “This is not the right time.”

Qualcomm has been undergoing some tough times lately. Between the ITC 3G chip ban, litigation from Nokia, and the loss of support from Verizon Wireless, things aren’t looking so bright for the big Q.

Texas Instruments happily welcomes Motorola to their client base, having lost business from Nokia recently.