BlackBox Bluetooth Speaker Packs 48 Watts of Powah!

BlackBox Bluetooth Speaker Packs 48 Watts of Powah!


Whenever you mate a glossy black finish with touch sensitive controls, there are immediate connections to the original LG Chocolate Phone. At least, that’s the impression that I get and I don’t think I’m alone in that line of thinking. The LG Chocolate was the first device that came to mind, anyways, when I saw the BlackBox Bluetooth speaker system from Gear4. Like, the styling cues are so similar.

Well, I guess beyond the glossy black finish and the slick OLED-like display, there’s not that much in common between the LG phone and this speaker. Whatever the case, this Bluetooth speaker system is very attractive and it’s quite powerful to boot with its pair of 24W speakers. The firmware can be updated via USB, and naturally it supports A2DP.

Get the BlackBox from Gear4 for about $200.