Use iTunes To Create Custom iPhone Ringtones

Use iTunes To Create Custom iPhone Ringtones


It’s one of those strange quirks that you never saw coming. It turns out that you can use iTunes to create personalized ringtones for your iPhone and it won’t cost you a penny. No need to pay AT&T an inordinate amount of money to beam a ringtone your way, no need to send a text message to those shady services you see advertised on TV.

To make things even more interesting, the process of creating custom iPhone ringtones in iTunes is supposed to be surprisingly easy. They say that it only takes three or four steps from beginning to end, and the end result is right on par with the ringtones that you’d actually pay for.

Well, I shouldn’t say that it’s all free. When you go to the iTunes store, buy your song of choice provided that it has a little bell next to it. After downloading the file, you can right-click on it and an option to “create ringtone” will come up. The ringtone is free, in this way, but the song is not. The next step involves cropping the portion of the song you want and then synchronizing it over to your iPhone. Sounds pretty simple.