Unlock Your iPhone For Free, Necessary Files Provided

Unlock Your iPhone For Free, Necessary Files Provided


If you’ve been dreaming about using your iPhone with T-Mobile or any other GSM provider, the full unlock is now available and it’s absolutely free for you to download and use. That’s right, the free software iPhone unlock has been achieved by the iPhone Dev Team and they’re offering it to you with no expectation of monetary compensation (they’ll take donations via PayPal though).

The folks from the iPhone Dev Team who made this software iPhone unlock possible are (online monikers only, apparently) Daeken, Darkmen, guest184, gray, iZsh, pytey, roxfan, Sam, uns, Zappaz, Zf, and Nightwatch. The full tutorial is expected to be released shortly, but in the meantime here are the two files that you’ll need.

The original iUnlock file can be downloaded here, whereas the source code (if you’re interested) is available for download here.