Telescopic Laptop Stand from Thanko Boasts Dual Fans

Telescopic Laptop Stand from Thanko Boasts Dual Fans


Looking at the picture, three letters immediately came to mind. WTF. This Thanko creation has got to be one of the strangest laptop stands I have ever encountered and I’ve seen some rather odd things. While I can imagine why someone might want to use their laptop lying down, I’m more than a little concerned about how said laptop manages to stay on the stand without sliding into the beautiful model’s face.

The telescoping legs keep the notebook away from burning your family jewels, which is a definite plus. It’s also notable that this stand draws USB juice in order to power its twin fan design. The fans blow room temperature air into your hot laptop, keeping the temperature down and performance up.

But… WTF. Is that laptop glued to the stand or something? And wouldn’t typing get a little awkward after a while? Seems like it can be converted into its own table though, and that would be pretty sweet.

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