Olympus SP-560UZ Digital Camera with 18x Zoom

Olympus SP-560UZ Digital Camera with 18x Zoom


The Olympus SP-560UZ sounds like it could be the ultimate paparazzi camera, allowing shutterbugs to take up close and personal pictures from a ridiculous distance away. That’s because this otherwise unassuming digicam boasts 18x optical zoom, putting the 12x zoom found on the Canon S5 IS to absolute shame.

The rest of the specs are right on par with its direct competitors, snapping shots at 8 megapixels of resolution and keeping those shaky hands at bay with the built-in image stabilizer. The preview LCD measures 2.5 inches across the diagonal and fast-moving objects shouldn’t be a problem thanks to ISO as high as 3200.

No word on pricing or availability, but I’d imagine that the Olympus SP-560UZ will be quite the popular cam.