3rd Generation iPod Nano Video Review

3rd Generation iPod Nano Video Review


It’s small, it’s cute, and it provides a little video for everyone. But how well does the new iPod nano perform in the real world? This video review should answer all your questions about the tiny new multimedia player.

Noah from PBCentral.com took the new iPod nano out for a test run and he seems impressed. Brian Lam from Gizmodo agrees, concluding that this is “the best one yet.” It’s a perfect fit between the display-less shuffle and the hot new iPod classic and iPod touch. There are certainly some “design curiosities” that may need to be addressed for future generations, but overall, both Lam and Noah seem to like this cute little video player.

Check out the video for a full hands-on, a commentary on the quality of the screen, and a discussion on the new user interface.