Secret Vodafone Slider Phone Boasts Windows Mobile 6

Secret Vodafone Slider Phone Boasts Windows Mobile 6


Don’t you love it when a company drops a little inkling of information for us to nibble on, only to provide absolutely nothing else to satiate our appetite for hot new gadgetry? Well, Vodafone has just uploaded a new image into your archive of a mysterious black-and-white slider phone and the only tidbit of info is that it runs on Windows Mobile 6.

As you can tell from the picture, there’s no QWERTY to be found anywhere, so text message enthusiasts and mobile email aficionados will ahve to look elsewhere. IT appears to be quite fashionable with its dual-tone casing, however. Pundits are assuming that the unnamed device will rock UMTS/HSDPA for data, given that this phone has a front-mounted camera.

I’m hoping that it’s a shadow I see lurking back there, because this mystery phone would be pretty chubby otherwise. More as it develops.