Keychain-Sized Digital Picture Frame by Compositor

Keychain-Sized Digital Picture Frame by Compositor


No, this is not the latest generation of Tamagotchi devices, but you’ll still surely elicit the “isn’t that cute” response from just about everyone around you. Compositor has created one of the world’s smallest digital picture frames.

Whereas other digital photo frames are meant to be displayed on the mantle, measuring anywhere from 7 to 12 inches across the diagonal, the Compositor keychain-sized solution boasts a CSTN LCD of just 1.1-inches. Yes, get those squinty eyes ready, because the display is very small. Even smaller than the new iPod nano.

Don’t expect too much in terms of resolution or memory either, because this digital picture frame only goes with 96×64 pixels and 1MB of internal flash, respectively. Interestingly, the spec sheet mentions that it is compatible with AVI video files. Er, why?