iControl Your iPhone With Timex IRONMAN Watch

iControl Your iPhone With Timex IRONMAN Watch


I remember growing up, having a Timex Ironman watch was an absolute necessity. If you didn’t have the alarm, chronograph, and Indiglo backlight, you just weren’t hip enough to hang out with the cool kids. In recent years, Timex has lost some of its popularity so they’re hoping to recapture a new generation of tech-savvy individuals by releasing the iControl line of watches, all of which are iPhone compatible.

Using your Timex iControl IRONMAN watch, you can apparently control your iPhone, but I’m not really sure how far this control goes. I’m assuming that the wristwatch doesn’t come with any sort of mic or speaker, so my gut reaction would be that the wireless interaction is restricted to music control. More expensive models may boast more functionality, but I can’t say for sure.

The iControl line starts at $99.99. The Ironman Sleek iControl depicted here, for example, retails for $125.