Apple iPhone Concepts That Didn’t Make the Cut

Apple iPhone Concepts That Didn’t Make the Cut


It’s always interesting to see prototype devices from companies, because most of these never make it to the marketplace. An Apple insider managed to snag several photographs of “unreleased Apple prototypes” including one PDA phone that could have served as an early version of what later became the iPhone. This device was called the “Video Pad” and it featured a Palm Pilot like interface on the lower half, while there was a speaker, a small screen, and a camera mounted on the top half.

Another interesting device is the Apple Figaro. This prototype was reportedly created before there was even such a thing as UMPC, despite fitting right in between the realms of PDAs and laptops. The keyboard looks clunky, but the angle and placement of the color display certainly looks interesting. It’s almost like the HTC Shift, wouldn’t you say?

Clearly, these concepts are from an age long since forgotten. The Apple logo still boasts the multi-color look and there’s no glossy white or chrome backing to be seen anywhere.