Microsoft Responds to New Apple iPods

Microsoft Responds to New Apple iPods


While Billy Gates and the rest of his Redmond crew don’t have a new Zune ready for us just yet, they’re hoping to at least stay competitive by offering a $50 price cut on the current Zune. The 30GB multimedia player from Microsoft can now be purchased for a measly $199, but when you place the “double shot” Zune next to the considerably slimmer and more attractive iPod Touch, for example, it’s pretty clear who’s the looker and who’s the ugly kid that no one wants.

What makes things even more challenging for Microsoft, however is the iPod Classic. That unit is available with as much as 160GB of storage, literally dwarfing the hard drive found within the Zune. If Microsoft hopes to truly compete against Apple on this front, the next Zune will need to step it up a notch or three.

A price cut is a good idea, as people may consider a Zune simply because it’s cheaper. That said, even at $199, the Zune isn’t exactly a bargain basement purchase.