Meridian Dock Upconverts iPod Video to 1080p

Meridian Dock Upconverts iPod Video to 1080p


Tired of squinting your eyes at the tiny screen on your iPod Video? Want to enjoy that clip in glorious 1080p full HD? Then look no further than the Meridian iRIS iPod Dock. Or so they claim. The company is saying that this $379 dock will connect your Apple device to any HDTV, letting you watch videos “on the big screen, with big screen quality, clarity, and freedom from video-noise, “jaggies,” or blocking-artifacts.”

Can the upconverting really be that amazing? Even when I use my upconverting DVD player, which takes DVD quality video and attempts to bring it up to 1080i (that’s interlaced folks), it’s still nowhere near what a true HD video would look like, say from a Blu-ray movie or something. The iRIS dock will pump out 1080p through HDMI, or 720p/1080i through component. It’s also notable that there’s a USB jack for synching with a computer.

The Meridian iRIS Universal Dock for iPod will be available in November.