iPhone Finally Gets Treated to iTunes Store

iPhone Finally Gets Treated to iTunes Store


Well, this makes perfect sense. The iPhone comes with WiFi and can hop onto the Internet like any regular computer. The iPhone can be used like an iPod, letting you listen to music and watch videos. Why not marry these two functions together in the most intuitive of ways. I guess a lightbulb just went off in Cupertino, because Steve Jobs has announced that the iTunes Store is coming to the iPhone.

The exact details were not revealed, but he did give us a sneak peek as to how the user interface would look. You can see that through the picture depicted to the right. Obviously, pricing remains the same so you won’t have to pay any sort of premium to get songs sent directly to your iPhone, but it certainly helps being able to peruse their library while on the go, even if it’s over a painfully slow EDGE connection.

The iPhone take on the iTunes Store will be included in the next iPhone software update, which is scheduled for later this month. Let the downloads begin.