Verizon Attacks Old People with New Calling Plan

Verizon Attacks Old People with New Calling Plan


While some companies tried to be hip and with it, marketing themselves to the younger demographic, Verizon appears to be taking the completely opposite strategy. Yesterday, they announced the uber-basic Coupe clamshell aimed at senior citizens and now they have a new cell phone plan for the same group of retirees.

The America’s Choice 65 Plus wireless rate plan from Verizon is senior-minded and is barebones in terms of included features. If you’re over 65, then you can opt for this plan which provides 200 anytime minutes, 500 minutes for evenings and weekends, and unlimited mobile to mobile. This will cost you $30 a month.

What’s this? There’s no included caller ID, text messages, or mobile web? Well, that’s because older folks want to keep it simple and Verizon recognizes this. They figure that most seniors just want to be able to make calls and that’s it.

And don’t try to sneak your way into this plan either, because Verizon has some sort of “age verification process” in place.